Huwelijk in Roemenië van Elena en Andu

Wedding in Romania with Elena and Andu.

Elena and Andu picked me up at the airport of Bucharest, Romania with their tiny car. We never met before and did only mail before.

A few days later, I would photograph their wedding in the middle of Romania. To get to know each other a bit better and to get used to the camera, we went for a pre-wedding photoshoot in a small but cosy park in Bucharest where I gave them the task to row the boat for each other.

The possibilities of internet can sometimes open unexpected doors. How did you end up in Romania for photographer a wedding? A question that I have been asked a lot. In short, thanks to a comment I made on the Anathema Fan page made me start to talk with Georgiana – another big Anathema fan. 

She gets to know my work and next she introduces me to a Elena and Andu, their friends who would get married a few months later.

So there I was, first time in Bucharest. Not understanding the language at all. Barely knowing what to expect. Not exactly knowing how an Orthodox wedding is happening. Barely knowing any of the customs etcetera.

Elena, Andu and Georgiana were so open-hearted and heartwarming that I felt at home at once. After the first days where we get to know the exact plan the wedding took place in a small place two hours outside of Bucharest.

The preparation did seem to take forever where family was very present even before the whole event did really start. As a photographer who usually is working in the shadows, I had much more trouble to do so this time since everyone was of course very curious about me.

The ceremony in church was extremely difficult because the total absence of light and not understanding what was exactly happening. After the ceremony I was advised to rest a bit before the party would start.

Best advice of the day since the party did seem to keep going forever. Traditions like “stealing the bride” are still very popular here. 

The next day we went into the mountains for a small photoshoot with the beautiful mountain backdrops. Small eyes, cold wind and the last bits of snow still present. Circumstances were not that obvious, but it definitely made a lasting impression for everyone!

Thank you once again Elena and Andu for the unique opportunity!

Aan de vertaling wordt gewerkt.